Thursday, December 23, 2004

Do you hear what I hear?

What's that sound I hear? It's called SILENCE. No kids. No chairs scraping on the floor. No pencils masquerading as drum sticks on the desks. No electric sharpeners. No announcements on the loudspeaker.

It's blissful. It's magical. It's beautiful.

I only had 5 kids absent today (I expected more), but overall, it was a calm day. We had a school mass in the morning, followed by a shortened music class (God bless our music teacher - she managed to squeeze all her classes in today just so the teachers could have a small break). Then the 7th grade class came to visit. They're our prayer partners this year, which means we get together a few times a year to do activities. It's so funny to see these big, bad 7th graders sit down and play nice with my little 1st graders. Even their teacher, Mr. G., was working with one of my boys, helping him cut and glue. It was a Kodak moment, and sadly, I was without my camera. Damn.

After 7th grade left, I had an impromptu Christmas sing-along with my kids, and before I knew it, it was time for dismissal. Whoo-hoo! Six days of glorious freedom!

So tomorrow's schedule is already packed - I need to kick it into high gear now. I did some more shopping today. I had hoped to finish, but it looks like I have to run back out tomorrow for some last minute things. I baked about 7 dozen cookies tonight (I'm baking more tomorrow), but I didn't get around to wrapping any presents. And laundry. Can't forget that.

But what I'm really looking forward to is sleeping late tomorrow and eating a huge breakfast, a luxury in which I rarely indulge, opting instead to eat something fast in the car. I can't wait. :)

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