Wednesday, December 22, 2004


At our weekly faculty prayer this morning, our principal gleefully informed us, "Eleven hours until break!" We joked that she should announce it over the PA every hour. At 8 on the dot, our secretary came over the loudspeaker, rang some jingle bells and said, "Eleven!" The countdown continued throughout the day - the teachers got a kick out of it, but my kids were baffled. "Why does she keep saying numbers?" Tee hee :)

This is the first night in I don't know how long that I haven't been busy with some sort of school-related work. I spent my week doing all sorts of last minute holiday prep things for my kiddies: assembling foam photo frame Christmas ornaments for the kids to give their parents, making slice & bake cookies for today's mini Christmas party (which was just cookies and a movie - "Christmas Eve on Sesame Street"), wrapping the kids' gifts (Christmas themed books that I got with my bonus points from Scholastic)... and tonight... NOTHING. It's a beautiful thing.

Four more hours of teaching... and then I can relax... celebrate... see my friends... sleep (ah, sweet sleep). It will be wonderful.

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