Saturday, December 11, 2004

Ho ho ho..


It's been a crazy coupla days. I had a bit of report card related stress, but it's over now. We have parent conferences on Monday and Tuesday, and for some reason I thought report cards were due to our principal on Monday morning (she likes to look them over before we give them out). I had originally planned to work on them over the weekend, until I found out on Thursday morning that they were due by the end of the day on Friday. Somehow, I missed that announcement. I panicked. Normally I'm on top of these things. I spent all night Thursday averaging grades and filling out report cards. Then Friday after school I finished the report cards and made my honors list. I left work at 5:45 PM, exhausted but relieved.

And even though it's Saturday, I was back at work again today for our annual Lunch with Santa. Lots of fun for the kiddies - hot dog lunch, snacks, a craft, and a picture with Santa (aka Mr. G, our 7th grade teacher - he's such a good sport!). I brought my cousin's daughter, who's 5 and in kindergarten at another school. It's become a tradition for us. My kids get a kick out of playing with her, and inevitably, one of the parents will ask, "Is she yours?" Good Lord, no.

So now that I don't have to do report cards, I have extra free time to do... hmmm..... I just don't know.

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