Thursday, December 16, 2004

This week, in reverse (a long, mostly pointless post)

So it's been a crazy busy week. I feel like I've been running since last Thursday with absolutely NO down time. At one point this week, I had ten pages left of the book I've been reading (The Red Tent, I HIGHLY recommend it!), and I was just too damn tired to finish it. Ten measly pages! I finally did finish last night, which means I can start the next book on my must-read list. I think it's gonna be The Secret Life of Bees. I've heard amazing things about that one.

Tomorrow is finally Friday. I've got a post-observation meeting with my principal in the morning while the kids are in the library, then after work I have to run to Holy Family to pay tuition (I almost cried when I saw how much I owe for one class), then I'm off to see my brother's band play at some bar.

Tonight was our school's Christmas show. I love the Christmas show. First grade did a song called "The First Christmas Day," kind of a country-sounding kids song. They wore jeans, white shirts, and red or green bandanas. I choreographed my little dancers (quite well, I might add), and gave the non-dancers a very important bell-ringing job :) The audience ate it up. My kids rock the most.

On Wednesday my principal came in to observe me. I was actually supposed to do it last week, but I had to push it back because of the report card fiasco. I did a math lesson about skip counting. We learned a skip counting song, and then the kids traced and cut out their hands and glued them to a large piece of paper and we counted the fingers by fives. It turned out really cute. I'll find out tomorrow if my principal agrees with me.

Monday and Tuesday were report card conferences - all 24 of my parents showed up! I couldn't have been more thrilled. Tuesday after conferences, we had our faculty Christmas lunch. I brought homemade pierogies (my family makes them every year for Christmas Eve dinner). They were a hit, as always.

That brings us to Sunday, which is when I helped my family make the afore-mentioned pierogies -- 26 dozen potato, 18 dozen sauerkraut. Then we all went to see my 13 year old godson (who belongs to a boychoir) sing in a holiday concert.

And that, dear friends, concludes my week in reverse. Hope y'all enjoyed the recap!

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