Monday, March 14, 2005

yay me!

I'm feeling mighty productive today. I got a lot done in the classroom today, including the practice activities for the dreaded Terra Nova standardized tests (given Tues-Thurs). After work, I went to school to register for classes: one for Summer I, two for Summer II and one for Fall. None of the classes I wanted were closed. I got my first choice for everything! Whoo-hoo! From college to the mechanic for a LONG overdue oil change. Then came home, did my taxes (refund, whoo-hoo again!) and paid bills (there goes part of my refund...). And then I studied for the midterm again. It can't hurt.

I'm not looking forward to the Terra Nova testing tomorrow. I think it's awful to give a such an involved standardized test to 7 year olds. The test's questions range from a mid-kindergarten level to a mid-second grade level. So I know in advance that there will be questions on the test that are too hard for most of my kids. It's SO frustrating to watch them struggle and know that I can't help them. Say a prayer for their patience and my sanity.

And finally, my brother and his girlfriend went out for an anniversary dinner (one year of dating!) and they brought me dessert. So now, I'm going to reward my productivity with a piece of tiramisu. YUM!

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