Wednesday, May 04, 2005


We had a three day week this week. Frequent Absentee Girl came to school one of those three days. Both her and her sister were out Monday for doctor's appointments, but came in on Tuesday. After they missed Monday, the sixth grade teacher and I spoke to the parent involvement counselor, who in turn called the mother (again). Today her sister was in, but she was not. Her sister said she threw up, so mom kept her home.

This girl has missed 30 days (so far) out of 180. Her grades have been dropping. She misses all sorts of assessments, lessons, projects and classroom expereiences. She's bright, but she always seems to be a few steps behind the other kids in my class, probably because she has absolutely no consistency as far as school goes. Clearly her mother does not see school as a priority, and that just makes me sad.

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