Tuesday, July 26, 2005

too much free time

So I failed to mention that Friday was my last day of camp. Long story short, we didn't get as much money as we usually get for our summer camp, and they didn't have enough to pay me for this week. Also, there's another day camp that takes groups of kids for one week at a time, and this year we got our kids in for one week, which happens to be this week. The only kids who will be at our school's camp are the kids who are too old or too young to go to the week-long day camp, so our camp doesn't need as many teachers to supervise as they normally would. Anyway - long story short - I'm off this week.

And what to do with all my free time? Well, I had to buy a new calendar, since my academic year planner runs out in a week. So I bought this boring old blue one.

Way too plain for my taste. I decided to spruce things up a bit.

My mission: To transform boring blue planner into fabulous, fashionable planner, using only my sheer genius and my scrapbook paper. I chose the following color palette.

The result? I think it's pretty damn cool.

Yeah, I know. I have too much free time.

(By the way, I'm trying out Blogger's new image upload, instead of using Hello. Not sure if I like it as much.)


Sara said...

Dree, I like the planner. So, I like the photo uploader better. I feel like I have more control over the images.

Dree said...

Yeah, it does give you more control... but I couldn't get the pics where I wanted them. I had to play with it awhile, and finally just decided to center them. Oh well.

SuzanH said...

Very nice. I love making things look cool.

Pigs said...

Excellent use of procrastination strategy. I think I'll go doctor up my planner instead of re-writing the spelling curriculum as I had intended!