Wednesday, July 13, 2005

When I grow up...

This week, one of the boys from my class last year came to camp (he was on vacation last week). When he saw me yesterday, he ran over to greet me.

Him: See, Miss M? I told you we'd see each other this summer!

Me: Yup, you were right.

Him: Did you miss me when I was in Florida?

Me: I sure did. Did you have fun?

Him: Yeah. What do you wanna be, Miss M?

Me (taken aback by abrupt subject change): What do I want to be?

Him: Yeah. Do you still wanna be a teacher?

Me: Yes, I think I do.

Him: Oh, that's good.

What did he think I was going to do? Go into early retirement or something? That just made me laugh.


SuzanH said...

That is hilarious.

My daughter has asked me what I want to be. I once made the mistake of saying, "I'm a mom," and she looked at me with such disdain and said, "That's not a job," that I withered under her scorn. Ah, the rewards of being a mom.

Teacher27 said...

I like this conversation a lot. Perhaps he was trying to wrap his mind around the fact that you'll continue teaching next year without him in your class. He might have just assumed that you'd move on to another line of work, now that he was gone.

Dree said...

Knowing this child, that was probably exactly what he thought. He just can't imagine me doing my job without him. :)