Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Where is my tuition money going?

I went to class tonight - the first class in one of my two Summer II courses - and there was no air conditioning in the room. It was stifling. It was so bad that our professor let us go after an hour and a half (instead of the three hours he's supposed to keep us).

It always takes a few minutes to determine what kind of professor you have. Last semester, our class was co-taught, and the entire course was a combination of student presentation and professor lecture, which was neatly outlined on overheads and PowerPoint slides. The guy I have for this new course (Psychology of Reading) is one of those professors who talks to us and says important things in passing, pausing every now and again to scribble something on the board. It's pretty much up to the student to decide when to write and when to just listen. I never feel like I'm taking enough notes in these kind of classes. I'm constantly glancing at the people around me to see if anyone else is writing. But I like this guy. He's funny - I don't think his lectures will be boring - and he certainly knows his stuff. As far as assignments go, there's one paper and a final exam. That's it.

Camp also started today. There were a few kids missing (probably out partying late with their parents last night), so I didn't do too much in the way of real teaching. Just some ice-breakers and getting-to-know-you activities. Tomorrow should be more productive.

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