Monday, October 10, 2005

super geek strikes again...

One of the local high schools houses a Make & Take Center for the Catholic school teachers in our area. They have all sorts of fabulous things to make games, decorations, posters and manipulatives for the classroom. It's a huge room filled with laminators, poster board, construction paper, and die cut machines. One of my favorite things to hit is the box of file folder games. Everything is run off and stapled together in packets, so that all a teacher has to do is cut the pieces out, glue them to a manila folder, and laminate.

Unless you're a teacher like me.

No, I decided that I had to spruce things up a bit. So I dragged home my trusty box of Crayola markers (only Crayola will do) (yes, I'm that picky) so I could color all the little pictures on the game pieces. As you can see, I have quite a lot of markers. I go a little crazy when it comes to school supplies like this. I own every shade of Crayola marker made within the last 5 years: Pastel, Bright, Bold, Multicultural, and of course, Classic. I am a geek. I know it.

The second grade teacher, Miss W, thinks I'm crazy for doing all this extra "work." But I swear to you, I LOVE doing this kind of stuff. And look how nice they look when they're all colored! See? See?

Well, at least I know my kids will appreciate it.

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JHS Teacher said...

You know, I teach Junior high, and I swear I have the exact same box full of crayola markers.

Except I have all the stamper markers too. I'm sure my students think I'm a goofball.

I hope the sub situation works out.