Wednesday, January 18, 2006

gotta laugh

Bits of random goodness from my randomly good kiddos:

The Angel: "Miss M, when you said not to sit near the computers or Table Four, you should have also mentioned about the closet," she said, gesturing to Motor Boy, who was sitting so close to the closet that he could lean back and "check on the coats," according to him.

Motor Boy: "I drew you a picture of the ocean. May you hang it up now, please?" (Too precious for words... and it was spelled "oshin.")

I asked my Space Cadet to get something out of his desk. When he opened it, I saw mountains of crumpled paper and broken crayon bits. (I once told my brother that I've been teaching Spanish-speaking kids for so long, that sometimes the few Spanish expressions I know come out more naturally than the English ones. This was one of those times when an "Oh my goodness!" wouldn't do.)
Me: "Ay, dios mio!"
Several concerned girls, running over: "What's wrong?" "What did he do?"
Me: "This desk is a disgrace!"
Little Old Man (throwing his hands heavenward): "Santa Maria! Space Cadet, you'd better think about cleaning that desk."

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