Monday, August 21, 2006

takin' care of business

I went back to the classroom today.

I feel like I wasn't very productive. I wasn't able to start setting anything up yet. My big rolling cabinet broke sometime over the summer and all the shelves fell down inside the cabinet. In order to fix them, I literally had to empty the entire cabinet - every item from every shelf - so that I could reattach the shelves and fill them again. So of course I cleaned the shelves while I was fixing it. And I threw a lot of shit away, because honestly, there were things on those shelves that were there 6 years ago when I moved in. Before I put all my teacher resource books back, I decided to organize them by subject. I didn't realize how many books I had. I doubt I even use all of them. I managed to weed out the ones I know I haven't used in awhile. So the cabinet is done. Tomorrow I'm going in again to start setting up desks and (hopefully) decorating the room. That's the fun part. :)

Word on the street is that I have 14 children on my roster so far. There are 3 more kids who were in our kindergarten last year who haven't registered or paid yet... so if they come in, I could possibly have as many as 17. Either way, it's less children than I've ever had (beating last year's total of 19 children). My mind is already swimming when I think of all the things I can accomplish with such a small class.

As soon as my room looks halfway decent, I'll make sure to take some pics. But for now, I'm off to sift through the pile of catalogs that were in my mailbox at work. I've got a lot of reading ahead of me.


Kristyn said...

Hey...I think I got the same mail..Ha Ha

Janet said...

I've been back into my classroom four times already. Today I'm hoping is my last until our teacher meeting right before school. One big job, labeling everything, can't be done until I know who is in my class which I probably won't know until the day before school.:(

Taking pictures is a good idea though. Maybe I'll do that. I like the way my room is turning out this year!