Monday, February 12, 2007

People make me sick

I heard a very disturbing story today.

The mother of one of my students sold her car to someone last week. On Thursday night sometime after 2:30 AM, the man who bought her car broke into her house with two other men. They all had guns. They woke her up and demanded the money back, plus whatever other money she had. Her seven-year-old daughter (my student) was asleep next to her (the kids' father is in the Dominican Republic for a few weeks). The men mistook the daughter for a husband or boyfriend, because it was dark and she was under the covers. One of the men held a gun to the girl's head while yelling at the mother to get the money (which she hadn't yet deposited at the bank). At this point her daughter woke up and saw the guns. She immediately became hysterical. The mother got the money for the men, but they kept asking for more. Around this time, her son (fifth grade) woke up and heard noise. He went into the master bedroom and, according to his mother, stayed extremely calm. One man kept the family in the bedroom while the other two tore the house apart looking for anything else valuable. They were held at gunpoint for THREE HOURS.

When it got close to 6 AM, the mother told the men that her mother was on her way over. She was afraid they'd shoot her mother if she walked into the house. She begged the men to take the money and let them go, and promised she wouldn't call the police. They finally left. And of course she did go to the police. Hopefully they'll be able to track down the men.

The daughter was extremely distraught (as well she should be), but she's been fine in school. I think she must feel safe there, because she hasn't even mentioned the incident. When I talked to the mother after school today, she told me that she's taking the kids to see their father for a few weeks because she's afraid to stay at her house. Not that I blame her.

Ugh. People make me SICK.


MsAbcMom said...

I don't even know what to say...

what trauma!

Mrs. Ris said...

Of course you know that not mentioning it is no sign that she is really allright.

If you are in a position to talk more with the parent about it, you might suggest some sort of professional therapeutic support. This is the kind of trauma that affects a lifetime...

Dree said...

Yeah, I know she's not okay. I worry about how this is going to affect her. She's such a sweet, happy kid.

When the family comes back from the Dominican, our parent-teacher liaison is going to put the mom in contact with someone that can help her and the kids.

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