Monday, February 05, 2007

reading is cool :)

Inspired by this post on Pigs' blog, I've decided to keep track of all the books I read this year. I'm an avid reader (at the moment, I'm in the middle of two different books), but I've never really counted how many I've read in a certain period of time. So I set a tentative goal: I am going to try to read 50 books by December 31, 2007. I actually think I'm going to exceed that goal, but I'll start there and see how it goes. Call it a New Year's resolution of sorts. Not exactly to read more (because I think I read a lot already), but to share titles with others and hopefully get some good recommendations in the process. So feel free to check out what I'm reading (over on the sidebar) and comment or email with suggestions for future books. Read on, friends! :)


MsAbcMom said...

I liked Good in Bed. Have you read her other books?

Dree said...

I've read all of Jennifer Weiner's books except for the newest one (The Guy Not Taken). I think it's still in hardback.

Janet said...

I wish I had time to read books. Adult books that is. For me.