Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The "Idol" brain is the devil's playground...

Ugh. American Idol. I know I shouldn’t be surprised by this week’s results, but that doesn’t stop me from being SO PISSED OFF.

I just don’t understand the voters’ obsession with Sanjaya. I’ve been watching since the beginning. He was impressive in auditions, but since then, he’s been consistently bad. What’s worse, he get increasingly cockier each week. It’s like he knows he’s bad, but he also knows he’s untouchable. Week after week, he saunters on stage armed with yet another ridiculous hairstyle and attempts to sing. And week after week, he stays on the show.

Tonight’s results show really got me fired up. Not only was Sanjaya not eliminated, he was also not in the bottom three. Whoever is voting (and it’s not me, because although I become emotionally involved in the show, I’d never actually vote…), put THREE PEOPLE under him. My personal bottom three would have been Sanjaya (obviously), Hailey (who I can’t stand) and Phil (who I really do like, but I don’t think he’s gonna last much longer). My top three would’ve been Blake, Jordin and… I dunno. Maybe Chris. I know Melinda’s talented, but I don’t think she belongs in this competition. She’s too good. When she showed up at auditions, they should have just given her a record deal on the spot and told her she was too good for the show. And because she’s so good, there’s no room for improvement. Every week it’s good. We know she’s talented, she knows she’s talented. It’s kinda boring. At least with Jordin, you can see her improve as the competition goes on.

But I digress.

I think the worst part is that people more talented than Sanjaya (and Hailey) are getting eliminated. Tonight it was Gina. I liked her rocker-girl edge. It was a refreshing change from the style of Melinda/Lakisha/Jordin. To see her go home this early is just discouraging and frustrating. It’s no longer a singing competition. It’s a popularity contest. If Sanjaya makes it to the final three, I just don’t think I can watch it anymore.


Kristyn said...

check out you will see why Sanjaya remains on the with you...he should have been gone weeks ago.

Dree said...

Yeah, I've seen the website... and I've read about Howard Stern's quest to keep him in the competition. It's just so annoying.

Tessa said...

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