Monday, November 12, 2007

A moment of calm

After a relatively early dinner (like "early bird special" early, lol), I took my seat on the futon (ugh) with a pile of work. I found a jazz music station on cable and worked until "Heroes" came on. After "Heroes" (which was AWESOME, by the way), I switched to some smoky big band music and returned to my work, this time armed with a mug of tea. It's nice to have a moment of calm.

In other news, we have no heat in work. Still. Since last week. I'm not normally cold. Even when it's cold out, I manage to walk around work in short sleeves quite comfortably. But our building is ancient... high ceilings and concrete walls that suck in the cold air and hold it all day. It was at least 10 degrees colder in the building than it was outside. Some teachers have space heaters. I do not. And I can't afford to buy one just for a few days of cold. So today I wore the following: long johns, sweat pants, socks, a long sleeved t shirt under a polo shirt under a fleece jacket, fingerless gloves (makes it easier to write), and a scarf. And I was still cold! It's supposed to be a tad warmer the next two days, before the temperature plummets yet again. The heater guys said it could take a week... maybe more, maybe less. Cross your fingers.

Back to my tea... and my Tommy Dorsey. Life is good.

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