Monday, August 25, 2008

A work in progress... still.

Our school has made some changes since last year. The three empty classrooms that used to be rented by the public school across the street are now being rented by a Head Start school. But they asked that all three rooms be on the first floor. In order to make that happen, third and fourth grade needed to move upstairs... and so did the faculty room.

Today I figured out just how much that's gonna suck.

Got to work, walked upstairs to put lunch in fridge. Walked downstairs to work on my room. Walked upstairs to refill water bottle. Walked downstairs again. Walked upstairs to get backing paper from the closet for a bulletin board. Walked back downstairs. Walked upstairs to eat lunch. Sat for awhile. Walked back downstairs to finish working on my room.

I'm gonna get quite a workout this year.

Anyway, most of the big stuff is done. And I took pics!!!

This is a back corner of my room. It mostly just stores center materials and books on tape. This year I decided to label EVERYTHING. (I could lie and say I'm trying to create a print-rich environment, but really it's just so I remember where everything goes.)

This is one view of my reading corner. The display bookcase is new! My principal found it in a closet this summer and thought I might like it. The back of it holds big books. I'm really excited about it. Right now I have all my "back to school" themed books on display.

My reading corner from a different angle. This is my favorite part of my classroom.

My calendar corner... otherwise known as my OTHER favorite part of my room. I just think it's colorful and cozy. This is also where the kids sit for story time.

And this monstrosity is my desk. Ugh. It's the last thing I plan to tackle. It will have framed pictures and a potted plant on it, damnit. I vow it!

That's it for today.

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WackyMummy said...

Seeing the pics made me want to go to school again. Elementary is always so much fun (in my memory anyway). I still love the smells of a new binder and a new box of crayons. I think I need to be institutionalized.