Monday, September 01, 2008

Goodbye, summer... I'll miss you.

Ah... the last week of summer... the last week of freedom.

I spent most of the week in work, finishing my classroom. But I also made some time to enjoy the end of the summer. On Tuesday I went for dinner and drinks with two teacher friends (we all worked at a charter school together my first year of teaching). On Saturday night I went to my best friend's house for a wine and fondue party. (Soooo very tasty.) Yesterday I saw my other best friend and her husband, who were visiting from South Carolina. And today I went to my parents' house for swimming and barbecue. It's official. Summer is over.

When I was at my parents' house, I found some photo albums from my first two years at my current school. (Remember the good old days, before digital cameras? When we actually got our pictures developed and put them in albums?) In the back of Year One's album (2001-2002), there were some wallet size school portraits of students I had that year. There was also a wallet sized baby picture... one of those hospital pics of a newborn baby with squinchy eyes and teensy little fists. When I flipped the pic over to see who it was, I laughed right out loud. The baby in question is in my class this year. He was born when his sister was in my first grade class... January of 2002. Crazy. I've literally known him since he was born.

Makes me feel old.

Well, tomorrow it's back to work. We have a faculty meeting all day... and the kids start on Wednesday. Happy Back to School, everyone!

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Hope your school year kicks off to a great start!

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