Monday, January 19, 2009

Lazy days

Reason #652 that I LOVE having a day off: I'm spending a lazy Monday morning in my pajamas, drinking coffee and checking up on blogs. Sheer bliss. Anyway, on The Book Whisperer's site I found a link to something called Wordle. It lets you create "word clouds" and then change the font, color and layout. For a word-nerd like me, it's hours of entertainment :) Just thought I'd share the goodness with the rest of you.

And since it happens to be flurrying, I created my first word cloud about snow. Not my best work, but it gives you an idea of what the site does. (Click on the picture for a clearer view...)

Wordle: flurries


Bonnie said...

I love wordle too, and did you know you can put your blog URL through and come up with a composite of the words you use the most? Very enlightening : )

Dree said...

Ooh... I did not know that! I'm gonna go try it now :) Thanks for the tip!