Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Is there anything more fun than new school supplies?

I’ve been back at work for the past two days, sorting through all the stationery supplies that have arrived in my absence. I use numbers to label the kids’ stuff (it’s quicker than writing names, especially if kids don’t show on the first day of school, and it makes it easier to alphabetize things). So yesterday I numbered the following things for each child:
1 pencil case
2 folders (take-home and portfolio)
3 copybooks (homework, seatwork and journal)
1 pair of scissors
1 bottle of glue

Then I put a box of crayons and 2 pencils into each pencil case. After 3 years, I finally learned not to let my kiddos keep their glue and scissors in their own desks, lest they “accidentally” glue their pencil cases closed, or “by mistake” cut a piece of scrap paper into confetti (both of which have happened, on more than one occasion). So now I’m keeping those more destructive supplies in baskets and assigning a “table captain” to be in charge of retrieving them when needed.

I also got to meet the new 2nd grade teacher, Miss W. She seems really nice, and very anxious about teaching. Our principal asked me if I would be her mentor. Wow. I’m someone’s mentor. I guess it’s time to stop thinking of myself as a new teacher. Miss W was prepared with a list of questions (really good ones, too), and I’m doing my best to answer all of them without overwhelming her. I remember how confusing the first few weeks were when I was starting out.

As you can tell from the pictures below, I am still far from ready. But I’m getting there. :-)

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