Wednesday, September 01, 2004

I hate Best Buy (Part 2)

Oh, I am SO furious right now.

I've been waiting for HP to send my laptop power cord/AC adaptor to Best Buy since August 13th. I'm not sure what the hold up is, but apparently it's very difficult to put a power cord in a box, put the box in the mail, and send it to Best Buy.

On Sunday, a Best Buy manager told me that it should be in their next shipment, which was last night. When I called today they said it was there. So I stopped in on my way back from work to pick it up, and drove home ecstatic, thinking I'd finally be able to use my laptop (which I haven't used since I dropped it off to get fixed on July 21st).

And then I opened the box. They sent the wrong cord.

They didn't even send me an HP cord, they sent a Compaq cord. I drove back to Best Buy, told them my problem, and demanded that the right cord be overnighted directly to my house.

Screw this. The next time I need something computer-related, I'm going to Circuit City.

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