Friday, August 20, 2004

Room updates

I went back to the classroom yesterday (3 days in a row, whoo-hoo!) and got a LOT of stuff done. I hung posters, taped apple cut-outs around the room, put up my back-to-school bulletin board (a box of crayons that says, "Welcome to the pack!"). I even went so far as to move the student desks. Quite an undertaking, let me tell you. Those suckers are heavy, and they don't go quietly. In an act of supreme optimism, I only set up 24 desks. Last year, I had 34 little darlings in my class (25 girls, 9 boys). When I say I tripped over them on a daily basis, I mean that literally. At the end of the year, my principal promised, "No more than 30 next year." When I left yesterday, there were only 24 on the roster. That's not set in stone; more kids will register before school starts. But I'd give a year's salary to keep that number at 24.

So right now I've done all I can do in my room. I need to go back in after the stationery supplies have been delivered so I can label their copybooks and stuff their pencil cases. Until then, I'm back on vacation, sort of. Next week I'll be going to 5 days of inservice workshops to learn more about the
Reading First program that our school uses. It should be interesting... and I get paid $50 a day to go. So I'm not complaining :)

19 days until school starts!

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