Wednesday, October 20, 2004

More issues

I have a boy in my room who was in first grade with me last year. He wasn't performing on level by the end of the year so I had to have him retained. All my little girls LOVE him. They think he is God's gift to the first grade classroom. And he knows it. He's normally a very sweet boy, doesn't give me any trouble at all. But a few things have happened this year that have me a bit concerned.
  • He selected a Barbie book from the library a few weeks ago, which seemed odd, but the librarian and I didn't really see the harm in it. During recess, I saw him looking through the book with some of the boys at his table, pointing to a picture of Barbie, wearing only a bikini and high heeled sandals, blond hair flowing. Let me just say, Barbie was drawn just a bit too "shapely" (for lack of a better word) for a children's book. Shameless hussy. (Don't even get me started on my issues with Barbie...)
  • Yesterday, his group was using Play-Doh in the Spelling Center. Instead of using it to make our weekly spelling words, he fashioned a replica of male genitalia, and then modeled it for the other kids at his table, saying, "This is what my dad looks like when he pees." I had to send home an incident report about that.
  • Today I saw him showing some boys a glossy piece of paper that had been folded up in his pocket. It was a cover that had been ripped off of a Cosmo magazine. Of course, there was a scantily clad model on the cover.
I have to call his parents tomorrow to schedule a meeting. Sigh. So far I have a 6 year old cleptomaniac and a 7 year old pervert in my classroom. What next?

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