Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Fun with Candy Corn!

I try to incorporate some seasonal activities into our normal curriculum, just to shake things up a bit. Last week we had Candy Corn Day. First we sorted the candy onto paper plates: broken pieces and whole pieces. Then we counted both plates and made a bar graph of the results.

We each tasted a piece and took a tally of how many children liked the candy. Then we used the pieces of candy corn to do some non-standard measurement (measuring with objects other than rulers). As it turns out, a piece of candy corn is almost perfectly one inch long.

Here we are measuring our math book with candy corn.

Measuring a pencil (this was cool, because they were all different lengths).

Finally, we observed the color pattern on a piece of candy corn, and copied it to make a mosaic.

It turned out to be a lot of fun. The kids loved it. I’m definitely going to try to expand this for next year to include some language arts skills. I’m not sure how yet. (Any ideas???)

As a side note: The candy that was stolen from my desk on Friday afternoon was leftover candy corn from these projects. Grrr…

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