Monday, October 18, 2004


I'm a little pissed off now.

At lunch, some of the 2nd grade girls came to me and told me that one of my students was in my classroom after school on Friday (during the after school program) and that she stole candy off of my desk. A parent of one of the 2nd graders saw her come out of my room and shove something in her pocket. Later, one of the other kids saw her eating candy that I had on my desk. The afterschool teacher confirmed the story. One of my 1st graders told our principal at lunch, and she came to me at the end of the day. She said the girl's mother is coming in tomorrow to meet with her and the parent-teacher liaison. (I don't know if I will be involved in this meeting or not - I'd like to be, though.) That might sound a bit extreme for stealing some candy, but this is not her first offense. She's the same child who lied about the $5 from last week's missing field trip money. And according to the kindergarten teacher, this girl has a history of stealing. Last year, she took money out of kids' schoolbags and stole things from the teacher's desk. She's a six year old. How can she be a cleptomaniac? How can she have a repuation? It just makes me so mad.

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