Sunday, November 21, 2004

Bills? What bills?

You are now reading the blog of a woman who owns a palmOne Zire 31...

~ Destined to make my life easier by organizing the events and affairs of my busy life (and in full-color, no less)!

~ Guaranteed to provide me with hours of entertainment with it's capacity to store photos, play music and run game programs!

~ And absolutely certain to get lost under a pile on my desk somewhere!

It's a miracle in a box! Well, at least I'm making an effort at organization. I've already started playing with it. It really is a nifty little toy, even if it is just a glorified address book.

When I decided to buy it, I went to Best Buy first. I know, I know... I swore I would never shop there again, after the whole laptop power-cord fiasco. But I have a credit card there, and I had $10 worth of Reward Zone coupons. When I went to the PDA counter, there was a guy sitting behind it, looking at his cell phone and idly flipping through the paper, despite the fact that it was Saturday afternoon and the store was packed. I said, "Excuse me," and he just looked at me. Didn't stand up, didn't repsond. So I walked over to him and said, "I need some help." He merely closed his cell phone and looked at me again. I asked if they carried the Zire 31 and he shook his head. "Only on-line," he said, and then went back to his paper, clearly having exhausted his vocabulary. I walked 4 doors down to Staples, where the more than helpful employee answered my questions and found me everything I needed. I was out the door in ten minutes.

And that, dear readers, is my Best Buy gripe o' the week.

In other news, this morning was our school's Family Unity Mass and breakfast. The students are encouraged, but not forced to come. I saw about 7 of my 24 students in church. That's kind of a sad turnout, but I guess it's better than nothing. I also saw several of my CCD students, who actually came over to say hi to me. Quite a feat for some of them, trust me.

Well, I'm going to play with my new toy now, before the novelty wears off. Wish me luck!

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