Sunday, November 14, 2004

My shopping spree

One bad thing about teaching is that I feel absolutely compelled to buy whatever might conceivably make my classroom a better place. Like the Zire, for example (which I haven't bought yet, though I've been very tempted).

I went shopping today. First I went to Becker's (a teacher store) to spend a gift certificate that I got for my birthday. Got chart paper, two bingo games that were on sale (letter sounds and sight words), and a book of reproducible stories for the kids to make. Then I went to the Dollar Tree - source of all things cheap and fabulous - but decided not to get anything there. On to WalMart, where I picked up some all-purpose spray cleaner (their brand was 96 cents!), letter tiles (under $5 for 176 pieces), and my personal favorite... drumroll, please.... new Sharpies!!! In five new colors! Pink, mint, peach, lilac, and sky! Ah, the Sharpie. Coloring my world with permanent goodness.

Now I've got bags sitting in my car that I have to lug into the classroom tomorrow. And then comes the hard part: finding a place to put all these wonderful new things. There's always a catch.

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