Friday, November 05, 2004

Oh, lovely mud!

We've been reading a story called Mrs. Wishy-Washy as part of our farm unit. It's about farm animals who play in the mud before Mrs. Wishy-Washy catches them and makes them take a bath. My kids love it.

So today we had "mud day" (I'm all about the theme days this year!). After re-reading the story, we made our own mud out of chocolate pudding and crushed Oreos. It was messy, chaotic and loud - but they had a blast! Here are some highlights from the day.

First, we crushed the cookies into "dirt."

Then we added the "dirt" to the "mud" (pudding).

Finally, we let our animal crackers play in the mud.

And, of course, this is entirely educational. We wrote down the instructions step by step. I chose this copybook because of the neat printing, but didn't notice the misspelling! Step 3 should be "Mix them up."

FYI... our mud was very tasty. Feel free to try our recipe at home!

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