Wednesday, December 08, 2004


What a way to start my only day off. I set my alarm so I could get an early start on all the things I have to do today (like go to LensCrafters, go to college to see about getting my teacher-discount on my tuition, do a bit of Christmas shopping, and grade until my hand falls off). Instead, I woke up at 8, hit the snooze and slept 'til 10, then woke up with the most God-awful allergies I've had in months. I forgot to take Claritin yesterday, and now I'm paying for it. It was a good half hour before I could even see well enough to type.

So now that I'm awake, I'm going to try to rush through my to-do list, possibly skipping the shopping if I have to. I keep forgetting that it's only Wednesday and that I have to go back to work for 2 more days this week. Stupid middle-of-the-week day off.

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