Monday, January 10, 2005

all about snacks (and lack, thereof)

I should be grading tests now, but I felt like writing first.

My kids are awesome. At the last faculty meeting, the teachers decided to designate a Donation Day for the tsunami victims. Today, instead of buying a juice and pretzel snack, the kids were asked to donate their snack money. And to my amazement, not a single child in my class complained. Not one of them said they were hungry, or that they felt sick from not eating. They gave in their money cheerfully (some even brought more than they usually pay for snack), and then they went about their business. I was so proud of them!

Speaking of snacks - I am totally loving the special edition Winter Chex Mix (cocoa flavored). I could eat the whole bag. It's so damn tasty.

Okay, I really should be grading tests now.

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