Tuesday, January 11, 2005

the cuteness is too much

Since yesterday's tsunami collection went so well, we decided to collect money again today and tomorrow. (The kids aren't giving up their snack, though. Now they're just bringing in extra money.) I was collecting money this morning, and one of my girls raised her hand.

Her: "Do you know Saint Vincent?"
Me: "Um... I know of Saint Vincent. Why, what do you know?"
Her: "Well, she gave a million dollars to the salami."


Me: "The tsunami?"
Her: "Yeah, that."

Okay. The best I can tell is that there's a Saint Vincent's parish or school or something that took up a collection for the tsunami. It must have been on the news this morning. And I'm assuming that they interviewed some female representative (hence her use of the word "she.") But seriously. Too cute!

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