Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Proof that I'm a super-nerd.

As if you needed proof.

I had to stop at Office Depot on my way home from work today, because I needed Velcro (and only Velcro, mind you) to finish some file folder games for my learning centers. I wound up spending over $40 on office supplies. You have to understand something about me - I LOVE office supplies. With a passion. I could spend hours in office stores.

In addition to my Velcro, I also purchased a Dr. Seuss calendar for my classroom, a leather case for my Palm, a pack of cap erasers, and a box of Crayola crayons (and not that dinky 24 box... I splurged on the big one). Crayolas and Sharpies are a big part of my office supply fetish. I think it has something to do with all those colors.

Anywho, the first thing I do with a new box of crayons (after smelling them, of course), is to dump them out and arrange them by color. Look how organized! How can you resist them???

I am super-nerd, hear me roar.

1 comment:

Sara said...

Oh, I get it. I love...adore school supplies. Deep down, it is part of the reason that we teach.