Sunday, January 23, 2005

I'm as bad as the kids

I'm watching the news and checking KYW's website, hoping for some word on school cancellations. The Philadelphia Archdiocese schools only close if the Philly public schools do. According to KYW, I have to check back after 5:30 AM tomorrow morning for the decision. Damnit! Why is this such a hard decision for them to make? I might just call out tonight and email my lesson plans to my principal. My car is parked on the street and it's packed in by snow on 2 sides (passenger and back). My brother & I shoveled a path in the front, and another one on the driver's side of the car, up to the door. It'll be a bitch getting out of the spot, but I have to do it sometime. The real trick will be finding a spot on the street to park when I get home. I remember when snow was fun. This just sucks.

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