Saturday, January 22, 2005

Two posts in one day - what are the odds?

For 3 days, the weather people on the news have been tripping over each other to predict the Storm of the Century. Big Snow. Deep Freeze. Traffic Trouble. Each channel has an "exclusive" news report, and they've all got reporters stationed in every county in the tri-state area ready to count every flake for the sake of concerned viewers everywhere. It's a can-you-top-this contest in forecasting: "Oh yeah? I see your 14 inches, and I'll raise you 2 inches!" But hell, they weren't lying about the snow.

Here's the snowdrift outside my bedroom window.

My backyard (pool, steps, and deck).

And finally, my Tasha, enjoying the snow. (Approximately two minutes later, she was trying to eat it...)

These were taken earlier today, but it ain't over yet. Tune in tomorrow, for Snow: The Aftermath.