Saturday, January 22, 2005


Philly is smack-dab in the middle of a snowstorm (they're calling for 12-18", which doesn't bode well for tomorrow's Eagles game). It started snowing at 10 AM and hasn't stopped since. I was enjoying it, until I had to go help my mother shovel. We went out about 20 minutes ago, and the spots we shoveled are already covered.

And this is depressing: I was watching the news for the coverage of "Blizzard 2005" (I just love media hype), and they were interviewing some kids. One boy, about 10 years old, was asked why he liked snow. His reply: "It's fun, you can play in it, and we don't get no school."

Hmmm... Someone might benefit from a few extra days of school, if you ask me.


Rachel said...

I thought it was 'we ain't gotta go to school in no snow' or so said one of my fellow teacher's first graders.

Sara said...

I thought I was leaving this snow. I came from North Dakota where they have so many blizzards in a year that they name them like they are hurricanes.
I loved reading about the students' conversations. Very clever.