Monday, January 03, 2005

Is it Friday yet?

Ugh. Headache. Probably from all that thinking I had to do today. Not used to thinking.

The faculty meeting was productive. I didn't get a chance to do much work in my classroom, though, which kind of frustrates me. I would love to have a whole day in my classroom -- with no kids -- to just clean and organize and file and clean. There are a few corners in my room that get neglected from time to time. They've become "dumping grounds" for things that don't have permanent homes. Most of my dumping is confined to those spots, and I've gotten good at hiding them with my pocket charts (which are hanging on rolling garmet racks) or other large things.

I've added a new goal to my New Year's List. I used to send home monthly newsletters for the parents, and for some reason, I haven't done it this year. I'm starting this month, which means I should probably stop blogging for tonight and get my ass in gear. Time to type my lesson plans, weekly homework sheet and newsletter.

Welcome back to work, fellow teachers! Hope 2005 is good to you!


Sara said...

Today on my day off of teaching, I started to rebuild my professional portfolio with the anticipation of the Pennsylvania job hunt. I worked on my resume and more. I was looking at a newsletter that I used to write. I realized the same thing as you...I do not write them anymore. I am not sure if it has to do with teaching fourth grade rather than third grade, or that I don't know what to write about. It is an excellent resolution. I need to come up with a professional resolution...I know, get a job in Pennsylvania...My husband will work at Villanova. Me...who knows.

Dree said...

Damn, I need to work on my portfolio, too. I haven't updated it since I was hired at this school 4 years ago. I'll add it to my list...