Sunday, January 02, 2005

Back to the grind

It's back to work tomorrow, but it'll be an easy day. My principal planned a faculty meeting for our first day back. That means no kids and we start an hour later. My principal rocks the most. Having the meeting tomorrow will give all of us a chance to ease back into our routine before we see the kids again. I'm looking forward to seeing my work friends. And my kids. I kinda miss the little guys. (Oh geez, I can't believe I actually said that. I must be delirious from all this rest and time off.)

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Sara said...

I go back tomorrow. I don't feel like I had enough time off, but that was because we were traveling.
I am not ready, but I guess I have to be. We will be very busy in the month of January because there is a lot of preparation for the yucky standardized tests...I hate it. It is not real teaching.