Monday, January 31, 2005

TV strikes again

I just made the mistake of turning on Supernanny. This show is like a train wreck - it hurts to watch, but you just can't turn away. But seriously, the kids on this episode have the coolest names! Three boys: Chandler, Caden and Declan. (Hmmm... must file away for future reference. Far, FAR future.)

Funny, watching the boys with their mother made me think of some of my first graders. I'd love to get a camera inside their homes to see what goes on when they're out of my classroom. I bet it'd clear up a whole lotta questions.

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Sara said...

As teachers, we sometimes take for granted the common sense knowledge about consequences and following through. I love watching Super Nanny. I am glad that they give this show an hour and not a half hour like the show on fox. I used my one hour of tv watching to watch Super Nanny. I think it is great.