Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Groundhogs need love, too

Today my kids wrote groundhog predictions (the big "Will he or won't he?" debate). When a few of my smarties finished early, I gave them a choice: "Read your library book, or get your journal and write a story about the groundhog." I was floored (and thrilled) by how many of them opted for journal writing!

I have seasonal picture/word cards hanging in a pocket chart that the kids can use for writing. The groundhog card was mixed in with the Valentine words, and they really wanted to write the Valentine words. So I suggested that maybe Mr. Groundhog has a lady-friend... and in hindsight, that may have been a mistake. But here are some actual excerpts - original spelling included, though it pains me to do that. I added punctuation (where necessary) to make it easier to read:

Sample 1: Groundhogs love Valentine cards and hearts and candy. he has a girlfriend. he likes to kiss her. Cupid peeks in and faints.

Sample 2: groundhog had a girlfad. she ga ham flowers to groundhog and She ga him a kiss. (Groundhog had a girlfriend. She gave him flowers to groundhog and she gave him a kiss.)

Sample 3: grouhog has a girlfrind. he noks on her door and givs her a kiss in the lip and he will get mared and thay will cuddle. (Groundhog has a girlfriend. He knocks on her door and gives her a kiss on the lips and he will get married and they will cuddle.)

TOO CUTE. And the pictures that they drew to go with it... priceless!!!

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