Sunday, February 27, 2005

Another big one...

... or so they say.

Right now, one local station is calling for "at least 10 inches of snow." The Weather Channel is saying it's going to start at noon tomorrow. Heavy snow and wind on Monday, snow showers and wind on Tuesday, scattered flurries on Wednesday. I figure we might get an early dismissal tomorrow. And if we don't get at least ONE snow day out of this, I'm gonna be seriously pissed.

And this just in from the "I'm getting old" department: I went out last night to see my brother's band play, and I wound up going out to a diner with them afterward. I left the diner at 4 AM and I slept until 12 PM today. Let me tell you, I am totally feeling it. I am way too old to do that kind of stuff anymore.

But it was fun :)

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