Sunday, February 13, 2005

Read at your own risk...

... my germs might come through the computer and attack you!

I think I have the stomach virus that's been going around my school. I had three kids out with it last week, and on Friday our 2nd grade teacher had it. I started to feel sick Friday night, but I went out anyway (and had a great time). I didn't feel too bad yesterday, but today it's back. I'm not throwing up (thank goodness), but my stomach just feels ... unwell. I don't know a better word for it. I have no appetite and I don't feel like working. But work I must.

I just finished my lesson plans for this week; now I have to get started on the progress reports that are due on Tuesday. And, of course, the paper for my grad class that I've been putting off doing. (It's really just a one page response to a question at the end of the chapter.) Ugh. Perhaps some tea and Saltines are in order.

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