Monday, March 21, 2005

Countdown - ONE DAY

One of the perks of teaching in Catholic School (for me, at least) is being able to teach the kids about Lent and Easter. It is truly my favorite time of the year. Tomorrow my first graders are going to have a "Last Supper" meal, just like Jesus and His friends did the night before He died (well... sort of). I bring in pita bread, cheese, grapes, and apple juice (aka - wine) for our feast. We push the desks together into one long table, say a prayer, sing some songs, and then share the food together. It's a really nice way to send the kids off before Easter Break. I don't do the whole Easter Bunny thing with them - they'll get enough of that at home. My kids can tell you the story of Holy Week better than some adults I know. I can only hope that it stays with them after they leave me.

Oh man. I am so looking forward to Spring Break. Only one more day with my darlings. Then tomorrow night and Wednesday morning I have parent conferences for report cards. And then, it's SPRING BREAK, BABY! Whoo-hoo! A glorious 7 days off from work (not counting weekends). I plan on sleeping late, staying up late, shopping, reading (for pleasure - not a textbook for grad class, and not a kiddie lit picture book), cleaning (cuz it has to be done), unpacking my spring/summer clothes... and maybe even washing the car - if the weather allows.


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