Thursday, March 24, 2005

Some thoughts for a Thursday night

Is it wrong that...

~ it's my first day of Easter break and I'm already bored?

~ I'm addicted to "American Idol," even though I promised myself I wouldn't watch it again this season?

~ I get more out of listening to "Jesus Christ Superstar" than I do listening to the Passion reading at Mass?

~ I think Boston Rob (of "Amazing Race," formerly of "Survivor") is totally adorable? (Seriously, what is wrong with me??)

~ I was completely jealous of the 10 year old in front of me at Eckerd for having a better cell phone than I do?

~ I have a closetful of clothes and I still insist that I have "nothing to wear"?

Reassure me, dear readers. :)


Sara said...

Where do I start...
American Idol is an excellent show! I love it. There is something addicting about the music, the personalities, and the success and failure of these people. This year, there is no one in particular that I am rooting for. I do love Anwar, but he won't win. I think he is cute.

la maestra said...

my 13-yr-old cousin's cell phone is much fancier than mine AND the spoiled brat has an iPod. i can't even consider buying an iPod. because much like you, i have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear on weekends. it's rough, but just know that you're not alone =)

Pigs said...

Oh, gosh. I think I am with you on all of those. Except I loved when I got bored on spring break.
The closet full of clothes is the worst. I want to get rid of some, but what if I *might* wear them one day??