Monday, March 07, 2005

Spring Fever

It was absolutely glorious outside today. High of 58 degrees, clear sky, just enough wind to tousle your hair. Simply gorgeous.

We had a faculty meeting today, and I got out a little earlier than expected. I wanted to go home and take the dog for a long walk, or wash my car. Some fun, outdoors-y activity. But I had to run errands. Such is life.

This kind of weather always makes me antsy for spring. I remember when I was in college, living in an on-campus apartment with two friends. On the first nice day of the year, my roommate and I would run around the apartment, opening all the windows to let in the fresh air. We'd pull our sandals out of the closet and paint our toenails bright pink. We'd wait for a warm day so we could spread towels on the lawn of the quad and do our homework while we tanned. One year, we decided to have a spring cleaning day. We turned up her Dave Matthews CD and cleaned the apartment top to bottom. (The other friend who shared the apartment with us thought we were nuts.) There are times when I really miss college.

Today I popped Dave Matthews in my car's CD player and rolled down the windows while I drove from one store to the next. Kind of an homage to my college days. It was nice... but it just wasn't the same.

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