Sunday, March 06, 2005

when it rains, it pours...

I've got a lot on my plate for the remainder of this month.

I'm getting observed by my principal this week - still don't know what I'm doing for that. The observation doesn't really worry me, but it's just one extra thing to think about.

Standardized tests (Terra Nova) are coming up for my kiddies next week. That always brings tears and frustration (and the kids aren't too happy about the tests, either). It's 3 days worth of long tests (not counting the one day of practice tests that precedes it), which means I can't introduce any new material that week at all.

Also next week, I have a midterm for my grad class, plus a paper due the same day. I haven't taken a mid-term in almost 6 years, so that's a little stressful.

Report cards are due in 2 weeks, followed by parent conferences. I need to get my ass in gear as far as grades are concerned. And with Terra Nova tests next week, I only have this week left to give assessments for the 2nd trimester.

It's crunch time, baby.


Sara said...

I hear ya!
I am feeling the teacher crunch. Thankfully, I am done with grad school, but I empathize with you. You have a full plate. Make sure you take time for some non-teacher related fun. Go have an ice cream or something.

Dree said...

An ice cream sounds fabulous. I just might have to do that.