Monday, April 11, 2005

it's all about me

I had so much energy this morning. Did some exercises with my kids at gym, jumped around the classroom while I was teaching, stayed after to grade tests and chat with Miss W and sweep.

And now I am completely exhausted. It's those damn long weekends. I get myself all off schedule, staying up late and sleeping late and doing pretty much nothing strenuous. Then one full day of work and I'm wiped out.

I'm so old.

And (once again) I need to start going to bed earlier than midnight. That is, by far, my worst habit. I feel like that's the only "me" time I get. I come home from work, eat dinner, clean up, and then do school work (usually). I go upstairs at around 10 PM, but I spend two hours reading or writing or watching TV in bed.

I'm afraid if I don't get enough "me" time, I'll burn out.

Hey - to all the other teachers out there - what kind of "me" time do you take? And how much of it? How do you keep from burning out?

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Sara said...

I am all about ME time. I relax with my writing. I relax with my time with my friends at school. I like to spend time with them talking about things other than school. I like to come home and have a quiet house. I like to do my Sara projects. I just need some wind down time. Like you, it sometimes means staying up late.