Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Blogging from the classroom. Might be a bad idea, but we'll see. Right now, my kids are doing learning centers, which means they're working in groups (and some are working independently). Most of them are on-task. I'm enjoying some semi-quiet time. I really should be doing some oral assessments (I need to finish math and reading), but it's been a wild day, and I need a break.

When I got to work this morning, I saw all the early kids lined up outside. Unusual, because they should have been downstairs having breakfast. I soon learned that our school had been broken into over the long weekend, and the cafetorium had been trashed. All the food was taken out of the fridge, the juices were opened and thrown against the walls, milk was dumped on the floor, and two fire extinguishers had been sprayed all over the walls, floors, tables, chairs, steps and stage. Cups and napkins were thrown all over the place. Marker was scribbled on the front of the fridge. A radio was stolen, but nothing else.

It was sad and sick and disturbing to see. It took 2 janitors and several lunch mothers all morning to clean it up. The kids had to eat lunch in their classrooms. Some of the kids actually saw the mess before it had been cleaned up, and they were upset by it. I just can't fathom how some sick person (or people) can find amusement in destroying the property of others. Thank God they didn't make it upstairs to the classrooms. I can't even imagine how bad that would've been.

And, on a slightly less disturbing note (or maybe not, depending on how you look at it), Frequent Absentee Girl's sister came to my room this morning with a note from mom. It read (original spelling included): "Please excuse Frequent Absentee Girl from being absent today, and for the next couple of days. The reason being her aunt from her father's side has past and Frequent Absentee Girl went to visit the rest of the family. Please send her work home with her sister. And let me know when its good for you to meet."

Um... what? And if she's visiting family, how is it going to help to send her work home with her sister??? I was flabbergasted. Ugh. June 17th can't come fast enough.

(Editor's note: I started this while the kids were in the room, but I had to finish it after dismissal. Too much chaos, and some of the kids wanted to see what I was typing!)


SuzanH said...

Wow. I can't understand how someone(s) could do that either. I'm so sorry you had to deal with that, and then with Frequent Absentee Girl's situation on top of it.

I'm pulling for you to make it through.

MandyGirl said...

Hi! Would you mind if I linked your blog on my blog? I'm in the process of making a new blog (mine hasn't let me publish new stuff for over a week), and I'd like to add you if that's ok. :)

And I'm sorry to hear about what happened. That really stinks. Here's to hoping you make it to the 17th!

I blog from my classroom all the time. Usually I only do it before and after school, but I'm there most of the time anyway, and my school computer is much better than my home computer, so that's how I justify it. :)

Meegan said...

Does Frequent Absentee Girl think she will be ready to go up to the next grade after holidays? Doesn't sound like it at all...

On another topic, are you goin to continue blogging next year? I hope so!

GuusjeM said...

What a horrible way to start a Monday. FAG and sister most likley have different fathers, so perhaps sister is only going for the funeral and FAG is there for the entire wake. Actually I hear "past" all the time as a synonym for "died". Very common in the African American community.

Sara said...

go ahead and link to my blog...i enjoy reading your blog everyday. I have two months until I move out to Philadelphia. You are the only person I know there and I don't REALLY know you. Weird.

Megan said...

Wow, how strange to have two facets of my life collide on this blog. I know Mandy! Actually, I can't remember if I've met her or not, but I still know her (mostly from a website called "nancies.org". Crazy. My teaching life and my wild life are coming in contact and it feels strange.

Anyhow, that's crazy. I don't understand what FAG's mom thinks she's going to accomplish with that letter. Good luck making it till the end!