Wednesday, June 01, 2005

It pays to be a dork...

Really it does.

About a month ago, my favorite store in the whole wide world had a Teacher Appreciation Contest. Teachers could enter to win the grand prize of two $500 gift cards: one for their own personal use and one for the school. The first 100 people to enter could win a gift pack from Trend. When I read that, I decided that I HAD to win that early bird prize. I stayed up until 1 AM to enter the contest online (which started at midnight, but there was a time difference... the fact that I figured that out makes me a super-geek). I was sure I was one of the first to enter, but weeks went by and I didn't hear anything. Then today, I came home from work and saw a big, flat package with my name on it. WHOO-HOO!!! I won!!!

Here's what was in my package:
- full calendar set (with month headers, numbers, holiday cards, season cards, weather graph and weather wheel)
- multi-pack of sparkle stickers
- chart poster (the kind with the small squares for keeping track of progress or homework)
- pack of smiley face chart seals
- pack of wipe-off phrase strips (smaller than sentence strips, and laminated for write-on/wipe-off fun!)
- 4 pack of wipe-off markers
- banner decoration (with motivational saying about celebrating differences)
- poster (with motivational saying about learning)
- set of ready-letters for bulletin board (both upper and lower case!)
- decorative notepad
- pack of 36 bookmarks

Okay, fine. I'm bragging. But I never win anything, so it was super exciting for me. And after the day I had yesterday, it's a nice motivation. A little incentive to keep me going for the next 16 days. :)


SuzanH said...

Congratulations! That is so great! And I'm very envious--I love Target, too.

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la maestra said...

i'm totally jealous!