Sunday, May 22, 2005

Hey, remember me?

Sorry it's been so long since my last post. It turned out to be a rather busy work week, ending with a crappy Friday, which led into a weekend filled with grueling physical labor and a depressing shopping trip. I actually tried to post about Friday, but I had some Blogger trouble, and I never got around to it. I think I saved it, though, so if I find it, I'll post it and back-date it.

As for my weekend - the grueling labor was helping my brother scrub the back deck so my father can seal the wood. The depressing shopping trip was my attempt to find shorts. I don't even want to talk about it. I hate shopping for clothes. I could spend hours in a book store or a music store, but shopping for clothes frustrates me and gives me a headache. And today was spent doing some grades and my lesson plans.

Anyway. Now that we're all caught up.

Tomorrow is Monday again, but fortunately for me, it's a four day week, followed by a four day weekend, and another four day week! It's going to be June before I know it, and I'm not ready.

I start my Summer I semester of grad school tomorrow. I'm only taking one class, but it's two nights a week, which will make things a bit hairy when it's time to do all of my end-of-the-year paperwork and start packing up my classroom. My fellow teachers out there - I know you feel my pain here. No one else quite understands the amount of work that has to happen in June before our summer vacation can begin. Wish me luck!

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