Tuesday, May 24, 2005

some stuff

I apologize in advance for my future lack of posting. (And to those of you who know me on a more personal level, I apologize for my future lack of phone calls, emails, visits, etc. Not that I’m so good at that stuff now…) I have good reasons, honest.

My Summer I class (The Process and Pedagogy of Communication) is going to be a bitch on wheels. It’s a 6 week course (or, as the professors call it, the “Reader’s Digest Condensed Version”), so we have to cram a whole lot of work into a short amount of time. Phooey on that. I say just cut out a few projects here and there, and we’re good to go. Sadly, I’m not a college professor, so I don’t get to make those calls. We have at least 3 major projects (including a video self-evaluation of our classroom teaching) and a mid-term, and apparently participation counts big-time. Shit. I hate talking in class. So that’s every Monday & Wednesday until the end of June.

As far as work goes, my kids know that June approacheth, and with it, the end of the school year. They know. And they remind me every day, in both word and action. They’re like kindergartners in September all of a sudden, at least as far as behavior goes. Forgetting to raise their hands. Not bringing pencils. Not doing homework. (What’s up with that?) Tattling on each other like 3 year olds. They’re hell-bent on keeping me on my toes. Damn. I forgot how hard spring can be with first graders.

And a bit of work-related gripe: I had a meeting scheduled with the mother of Frequent Absentee Girl, to discuss grades (rapidly falling), behavior (ridiculous) and attendance (good lately, but a total of 30-something days absent). I sent a note home yesterday to remind her of the meeting, and Frequent Absentee Girl told me that her mom was coming today after school. The Parent Involvement Counselor came to my room at 3 PM sharp. I was armed with attendance book and a folder filled with work samples. We waited… and talked… and waited… until 3:20. Mom still hadn’t shown up. We went to the office and called her cell (the only number we have listed right now). It went right to voice mail. I was pissed. Clearly she has priorities, and they do not include her daughter’s education in any way.

Finally… my computer woes. My damn laptop refuses to stay charged when it’s plugged in. My best friend and resident computer-guru tells me I need to take it back to Best Buy and that they’ll probably have to ship it out to get fixed. NOOOOO! Can’t… live… without… laptop…

And I have to end with this gem: I told my kids to take out their pencils today. One girl said hers was broken. I said, "Then take out your other sharp pencil." (Since they should have at least 3 every day...) She looked at me and said (I swear to God), "I don't got no 'nother one." For real. It don't get no better than that, huh? :)

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